Thursday, June 28, 2012

Need a little color in your life?

One word - Colorsmash

Color: Electric Beat
The latest trend in hair chalking, which is chemical free, gives your locks a hint of color where you need or want it.

It comes in nine beautiful shades of summer like: So Jaded, Oh La Lavender, and Tango Mango.

Extremely easy to apply and the best part - it is temporary so you can change it as often as you wish. Match your shoes one day or match your nail polish the next, the choice is yours and you can be as creative as you want by mixing and matching multiple colors. Once applied you can seal it in by heat or hairspray.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random acts of kindness

I was in a great mood this morning and wanted to spread the happiness. I turned my morning routine into something a little more. Went to my usual Dunkin Donuts and thought to myself here is a perfect opportunity to pay it forward.

Snobby McSnoberson in his Infiniti had to cut me off just to get ahead of me in the drive-thru line ... sucks for him because his order would have been free today.  I was happy to know that I made "Honda girl" happy by paying for her medium light and sweet coffee.

I just hope that she paid it forward.

Tell me what you have done for someone whether it be a known person or a complete stranger.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Drama Queens need not apply

It is no secret that the Big E and I met online, specifically and it wasn't all that bad of an experience if you ask me. We "dated" briefly before I moved in and we were engaged shortly after that.

I am not really sure how long he had be "online" before we connected. For me, he was the first and only person I contacted. I wonder if my headline had something to do with him not skimming over me, "I like to dip my pizza in Blue Cheese." Hey, it is completely true and yet not all that seductive or alluring.

So many of my friends are having a hard time meeting their special person and are only contemplating going through sites like and and I don't understand why.

Here are a few intriguing headlines if you want to take the plunge.
Up for a challenge?
Psychos/Drama Queens need not apply
Future soccer moms apply here
Guaranteed more fun than your ex

(results not guaranteed)

Dry feet remedy!

My heels always have cracks in the summer but this remedy really works and I am happy with the results.

Let me know if you have other great remedies.

Dry and cracked feet remedy

Monday, June 25, 2012

For real people?

My husband came home from work and proceeded to tell me something he witnessed this evening at our local Target.

A really large women was trying on bikinis.  Ok - everyone needs a bathing suit and maybe she thinks she looks hot.  I was mistaken - she was trying them on over (OVER) her clothes ... a strappy-style tank and pajama bottoms.


He said it was such a horrific sight because said bikini was not in her size, obviously, but also the fact that it was so tight that it made her real clothes spill out over and under the bikini bottom.

Really people? How do you even think this will look good in public?

Just because they make it in your size does not make it ok to buy/wear it.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

just a peak

Our bamboo floors are finally installed in our living / dining rooms and down the hallway.

Color is: Strand Woven in Natural
Brand: Ambient Bamboo
SN - Ambient's customer service is that of no other, especially Krysten Park. One call and extremely thorough and professional.  A+ top notch service.

more photos to follow another time!

a few of my fave things

Below is just a peak at a few of my favorite things in life. Call me superficial and it may not be that far off.  It is no lie that I like nice things.  Comment and let me know what items you can't live without or want to try!

Who doesn't love nail polish? My two go-to brands are Essie and Butter London.

Essie brand is sold at most stores like Target, WalMart, CVS, and even Bed Bath and Beyond. They have an array of colors that would match just about anything you throw at it. It goes on so smooth and is quite durable.

Butter London is a UK company with appropriately titled lacquer colors such as: No More Waity Katie, HRH, British Racing Green, and Snog.

Sharpie - ahhh the Cadillac of all markers. There is just something about writing with one that I can't explain. Use one to label everything from freezer bags to CDs. They have all sorts of writing instruments like highlighters, liquid pencils, and markers that come in various tip widths.

Lacoste eyewear - so preppy and so not me.
I have Lacoste sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses. So comfortable and so stylish. The below are my glasses.  LOVE!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

things that go bump in the night

In the market for a new home? This home has a lot of charm and character.

Check out this lovely 3 bedroom 2.5 bath cottage in a desirable neighborhood with large backyard ... for burying bodies.

Gives a whole new meaning to "skeletons in the closet".

Your thoughts?

Monday, June 18, 2012

a whole lotta love

First, here is a link up to a blog that I enjoy reading. Even though I can't relate on the child level I do enjoy the products she talks about.  The Tichenor Family

Meredith (blog owner) has me hooked on getting one of these life planners from Erin Condren. Yea, they are a little pricey but so worth it in my opinion. If it means that I will finally be organized all in one place than I am on board. Erin has some cute items for sale and I hope that you can pick something up for yourself.  I can't wait to order my planner and start using it. Will post photos once I have it.

I will leave you with one photo for today. It was very pleasant to sit out here and read this past Sunday morning. Let me know where you little sanctuary is ....

Relaxing weekend, how about yours?

Tell me what you did this past weekend. Did you spend time outdoors, BBQ with your fathers, or just relaxed?

I spent Sunday kayaking with my father. It was touch and go in the beginning but he got the hang of it and was off exploring the wildlife. There were ducks, geese, snapping turtles and several people fishing. Sorry no photos to share this time.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A home under construction

With a teensy amount of luck next Thursday and Friday our bamboo flooring will be installed in the living room/dining room/hallway along with the laminate in our foyer.

Here is a peak into what our place looks like while "under construction." No carpeting, living on concrete floors, freshly painted walls, dining table holding the chairs, couch in the middle of the living room, and our coffee tables are holding our normal day-to-day crap.

I have been keeping my cool about the disaster area (Big E would probably disagree) so it will be refreshing to have floors again and our place back to normal. There is just no easy way to remodel and not have a mess and I have to learn that good things come to those who wait.

Post-disaster photos at a later date.

Living room paint = Silver Threads
Foyer paint - Desert Hotsprings

Natural - Woven Strand Bamboo floors!   

This isn't our new coat rack or coffee table?

Chicken Wing Dip

Ok - not the most figure friendly dish I could have made today for work but it smells heavenly.

Just your basic layering technique of:
  • cream cheese on the bottom
  • a layer of chicken (I just bought a pre-made one and shredded it)
  • some Frank's Red Hot
  • your favorite brand of Blue Cheese drizzled
  • your favorite shredded cheese on the top

Bake for about 20 minutes until the cheese on top is oozy and gooey! Serve with your favorite dipper.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I have a slight obsession with ...

my cleansing conditioner.  Not shampoo - cleansing conditioner.

I love Wen Haircare products by Chaz Dean. I also have a thing for QVC (guilty!) and you can buy his goods from QVC's website.

The outcome is something that I am unable to explain. There is no foaming and lathering like a typical shampoo and you use quite a bit more than you normally would. I made the mistake of not rinsing thoroughly the first time and my hair was a grease pit ... a fryer was jealous of the amount I had. After reading the directions and watching the infomercial I got the hang out it.  A solid 2 minutes of rinsing will do the trick.  My hair has never felt so soft, been so shiny, and it is growing like a weed.

Try for yourself and let me know.

Welcome to the summer in Upstate NY

Memorial Day 2012 has come and gone leaving a trail out of out-of-state license plates and a whole lot of road rage.

Take this morning for instance. Unless my right turn signal wasn't working there was no reason for this Illinoisian to beep at me while I changed lanes. I didn't cut him off. In fact, according to the DMV driver's manual you can safely change lanes if when you look in the rearview mirror you can see at least 100 feet of pavement. Take that & welcome to NY.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My husband, My dog

Eric (said husband)

Lincoln (said dog)

Gotta start somewhere

This whole blog universe is quite new to me and it confuses me quite frankly.

I feel like I am on first date, an awkward first date. The kind where you have not one thing in common and you end up playing with the straw in your drink while nodding your head in regards to some idle small talk.

Luckily for me the first date with my now husband, Eric, wasn't so awkward. It went quite well if you ask me and it technically lasted for hours (between dinner, parking lot chatter, and a phone call on the way home).

Bear with me while I find my way around this place.  I always welcome your comments and feedback. Remember to share my blog with friends so I can grow this to the empire that I hope it will be.