Thursday, July 26, 2012

How do you organize your lists?

I had an inquiry asking how I write my lists. Do I organize by importance, just do a brain-dump, is there more than one list per page ....

To be completely honest I don't typically organize by importance but rather by category, if that makes any sense. I have lists for what to pack on vacation, what needs to be cleaned, what to buy at the grocery store, etc. Sometimes I have sub-categories, or list within my list. For example, I have a list for what to pack for vacation (meaning clothes) but I have a side list for toiletries and electronics.

My lists are here at home, at work, and even in my purse and on my phone. You could call me a little obsessed.

Here is a great site for lists made easy, Listly. Please share with me what you make lists for and how you use them. I always love a good list story.


  1. You should check out "Spring Pad". It's an free APP that I use to manage my lists. It lets you color code them & all that fun stuff!

  2. That sounds awesome! Thanks for the recommendation Kristen.


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