Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I would like to think that I am normally a calm and level-headed person but there are just some things that make me want to cringe, strangle the person in front of me, or just scream.

Scenario #1 - It is WalMart, not WalMarts.

Scenario #2 - Why do food or brand specific places run out of things? Examples would be: KFC running out of chicken, DD having no donuts, Taco Bell having no sauce, or a gas station having no gas. Really people?

Scenario #3 - It is checking account, not checkings!

Scenario #4 - Thank you nice lady to the left of me who pulled up to her stop sign the same time I did and waive me on to go. Thank you for letting me proceed when it was my turn in the first place.

Tell me some of your pet peeves please!

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  1. My pet peeve is handicapable (physically, anyway) parking in handicapped parking spaces, and people talking on thier cell phones while they are being waited on at a store, bank, restaurant or anywhere for that matter!


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