Monday, July 16, 2012

Sometimes, Always, Never

I sometimes:
  • don't shower on the weekends
  • watch QVC to relax
  • drive with the windows down
  • play with Lincoln on the floor
  • shower in the dark
  • sometimes know what to take for lunch

I always:
  • routinely ask Big E if he locked all the doors
  • like my iced tea with extra ice
  • watch the Real Housewives of ...
  • like horseradish sauce with my steak
  • get no onions on my salads

I never:
  • eat coconut flavored anything
  • like to show my upper arms
  • get a chance to go to the post office during the week
  • never let anyone share my straw
  • have been out of the United States - except for Canada

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