Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday randomness

Hello friends!

As most of you all know, Big E and I are leaving for vacation on Saturday so I am overwhelmed with getting things done. First priority is packing .... list has been made!
love my lists!

Must clean our home too - my brother and his girlfriend will be staying here for a day or two while we are vacationing. Remove dog hair, clean bathrooms, vacuum, oh my the list goes on and on.

Look what I got in the mail today! MK is my new best friend. He always knows the perfect gift for a girl. These are divine and oh-so-comfy. The best part? They were $10 less expensive online at Zappos than in Macy's. Score! Not available from Zappos anymore but here they are on Dillard's site. Hmmm may have to get the Vanilla ones too.
Big E and I had to use a Groupon before we left because it was expiring. Mr. Ed's Memphis BBQ was surprisingly good for being a little hole in the wall way out in Saratoga. The BBQ Chicken and Macaroni & Cheese were my favorites. The Garlic Mashed were bland.
mmm BBQ
Tell me your favorite pair of shoes of the moment!

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