Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back in action! Vacation photo dump ...

Big E and I safely made it to Orlando for our vacation. We were overjoyed that we landed the emergency exit row there and back. Hip Hip Hooray for legroom!

The weather was great every day even though it rained every day for a few hours here and there but nothing that made the trip miserable. Doesn't it always rain every day at some point in Florida?

Alamo upgraded our rental car ... score! We drove off in a 2012 convertible Camaro.

We ate very well while on vacation. Yum!
English Pub - pour your own pint
Scotch Egg
Eric and I both agree that one of our best meals was at Tommy Bahama. So good that we ate there twice. The Angus Bacon Cheeseburger was the best burger I have ever eaten. I know, it is a cheeseburger but O.M.G.
monkey butt
Big E's "I can't believe we are waiting 90 minutes or longer in line for one ride" face.
For what ride you ask? Toy Story of course ... it was fun!

My hubby enjoying one of his Tommy Bahama meals.

Finally - our little buddy Lincoln couldn't be happier that we were home again!

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