Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm kind of important

No, not really but by the looks of my desk at work would make one think so. How many computers does one need to have to accomplish their job? Apparently the answer is three.

I think I forgot to blog about my new shoes! O.M.G. I got a freakin' fantastic deal on these babies.

Before leaving for FL I was stalking searching to see if they were in stock in my size. No luck - booo! On our last day before dinner we stopped at the Puma Outlet. Browsing around proved to be boring and nothing good ... until ... the I saw from across the store THE shoes I wanted. Wait ... what!?! Yes, THE exact same shoes! I ran past a few people that were in my way and told my husband to scan the boxes for my size. BAM got them! Heaven on Earth!

The best part? They were $70 on Zappos ... and the outlet had them for $18!

Similar pair can be found here.

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