Monday, August 27, 2012

Show & Tell (wedding edition)

Linking up with Mrs to Mama (unable to get button to work at the moment).

1. Are you married? If so when did you get married, and tell us about your special day. If not? How would you describe your dream wedding? 

Yes, I love being married. Big E the best man for me. He treats me with the respect and care I deserve and I have him on a pedestal. We were married on 10-10-10 inside the beautiful Saratoga Auto Museum (formerly known as the Saratoga Bottling Plant). Very little decorating had to be done because it was already decorated with their fall theme and the vintage cars. The auto display that was happening during our time was “Classic Woodies” – couldn’t have been more perfect for us.

2. Show us some wedding pictures. Either yours or of some that you love. 

3. How about the engagement? Tell us your story. If not engaged, what's your dreamproposal?

I knew the proposal was coming at soon … it happened while vacationing in Mystic, CT. We were on a dinner train through the countryside. The table next to us kept telling me something special was going to happen. Guess they just had the vibe. The entire train car congratulated us and the conductor ordered a bottle of champagne for us. Very romantic and I would love to take that dinner train again soon!

4. Show us your wedding rings or an engagement photo! If not engaged/married ... show us your "dream" ring. 


  1. Your rings are absolutely stunning!!!

  2. That's so cool that you didn't have to decorate, and a wedding in a car museum definitely gives you a unique setting! I specifically picked Christmas season for our wedding so that the church would already be decorated for the holiday! ;P


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