Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fondue party!

My friend Nicole hosted a fondue party at her home for several of her friends. Other than visiting the Melting Pot once I have not had fondue. She did an excellent job from creating amazing dishes right down to the fall decor!

Our first course was cheese fondue with a pub style cheese mixture that contained beer (yum!) as well as an Italian cheese mixture (even yummier). We had our choice of carrots, apples, and two different kinds of bread to dip.

Our second course was the salad course. A beautiful combination of field greens, walnuts, grapes, apples and a fantastic dressing. Umm yea I had myself two heaping helpings.

Moving on to our entree course which was nothing short of outrageous. We feasted on keilbasa, marinated shrimp, marinated pork, marinated beef, and marinated chicken. In our pots were a combination of vegetables such as mushrooms, broccoli, and we even had baby potatoes. Situated around our pots were many dipping sauces that included a green goddess, bbq, horseradish, brushetta, and more

If all that wasn't enough she even made a dessert course. Whew I don't know how she prepped it all because I would have needed a two-day nap. She created a Toublerone chocolate fondue and an out-of-this-world creamy caramel (thud!). To dip in those fattening delicious beasts were almond cake, brownies, marshmallows, strawberries, rice krispie treats, bananas, and more.

I swear I don't know how she does it all. I don't have an ounce of cooking skills she has, let alone the baking she does. Kudos to a fabulous meal and I hope she does another one and invites me (hint hint).

O.M.G. I totally forget to tell you all that she even made a homemade Sangria that was to die for!

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Giveaway ending soon!

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Ohhhh Saturday how I love you. Probably my favorite day of the week. I get to sleep in my with my little munchkin. Then slowly wake up and clean the house by doing a load of laundry and swiffer the floor for Lincoln's dog hair. It is such a lazy day for me!

Tonight I am going to a fondue party at a friend's house. Don't know what to expect but I am sure it will be a lot of fun.

Ok lovely friends - I will be back tomorrow with more photos from the wedding I attended last week from the beautiful Mohonk Mountain House.

Tell me one thing you love to do on your Saturday!

Friday, September 28, 2012

oh how ... professional?

I have had a spot on my arm for years that only recently started to change. It began as a small freckle then evolved to a raised bump then it would become dry & scaley. Cool right? Ugh no ... it had me paranoid because I usually over indulge in Vitamin D. I've been a bad bad girl about sun protection.

I make the appointment with a local dermatologist. Arrive & check in only to find out they don't accept credit ... ugh. I say I don't have another form of payment & you should have made me aware of this when I called since you knew I was a new patient. Ohhh whatever - now I have to remember to put a check in the mail ... double ugh.

Get into the exam room and notice the consultation furniture is white plastic lawn chairs. Seriously folks - no joke here. How ... classy, professional, and whatever else you want to use to describe it.

Blah - never going back. On a good note though he believes it is nothing serious.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Earring Swap {reveal}

I took part in a cute earring swap hosted by The Preppy Student. Who doesn't love a good pair of earrings right? You really can't go wrong - one size fits all!

My partner was Marie from Procrastinating in Pink, who by the way is super awesome and you really should just go and check out her blog and say howdy.

As you may know I fancy jewel tone colors and simple items so I can wear them to work and still feel fashionable. I couldn't be any happier with the choice Marie picked for me. Yay - love her!

Thanks Marie for getting to know me and my style! Chat soon!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Scarf Swap {reveal}

Totally in love with my swap partner Courtney! She picked out the best scarf that represents me and my style. I love to wear jewel tones and have something office appropriate. She did a fantastic job - can't say it enough! Thank you Courtney!

The scarf she chose has a mixture of jewel tone metallic splashes throughout. I wore it yesterday to a benefit and received several compliments. Thanks again!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Partial Saturday Evening recap

Check out the Julep Nail Polish giveaway happening in this post.

I might have let my hair down a little too much last evening at my friend's wedding - hey open bar for what seemed like the entire night (4 hours). It truly was a fab evening and setting. Saw folks I haven't seen in awhile and our table (woooot Table #6) was that table. You know ... the one that is loud, obnoxious, and just overly unbearing. Can't say that we were bumps on a log though!

Big E and I arriving into the reception after a 2 hour cocktail session on the veranda and about 5 glasses of Chardonnay. The venue was Mohonk Mountain House - yea just look at the photo here on their site. Breathtaking views and the interior is very quaint ... except for the hotel hallways where you just imagine little kid voices whispering at you and random bouncy balls rolling out of nowhere. Creepy! Luckily we didn't stay there (over $500 a night) because I would have not slept a wink because I would be afraid of something getting me.

The food was amazing ... uh-mazing! The cocktail hour food was decent but the actual meal left our entire table wanting more. It was ordered tableside so you ordered when you arrived as you didn't know what the menu was going to be before you got there. Eric and I both ordered the steak ... yumm-o!

More photos to come when I get them off my camera.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday. We are off to a benefit that a friend is hosting at a local Tavern.

What football teams are you cheering on today?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ssssssaturday & Giveaway

Again this week has kicked my toosh and I have had no energy to do a thing after work. So I thoroughly apologize for neglecting my blog and abandoning my readers. Hopefully the cooler weather will wake me up out of my funk. Big E and I have a wedding to attend this evening and I am beyond excited to go ... the venue is amazing. More on this beautiful event tomorrow.

Let's get to the good stuff now ok? For sticking with me and being loyal I am offering a giveaway to my current friends and maybe some new ones.

I have been utterly amazed with Julep Nail polish these days. Who isn't right? So in love with everything from the way it glides on to the bottle itself. The colors they offer are just outstanding.

The winner will receive a bottle of nail polish (color chosen by me) and a little something extra for good luck. Happy entering!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

nail polish swap - reveal

Rachel from la la lists and Carly from Lipgloss and Crayons hosted one of the best swaps IMHO - a nail polish swap! Woot Woot! Thanks for hosting this event.

My polish swap partner was Kim over at Pink, Pearls, Polkadots (totally cute blog go check it out now).

She hit the nail on the head with exactly what I love in my polish colors - neutrals and jewel tones. I couldn't have been happier with the choices she chose. Thank you again, Kim! She even included a nail file. Awesome because I was in desperate need of a new one.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Sunday {09.16.12}

Hmmm ... looks like I have been slacking with my blogging responsibilities this week. I beg you to cut me some slack though, work was rough on me. We had a huge project that took me into work before the sun came up and home after the sun came down multiple days.

Let us take a look at some photos from the past week that have been hanging out on my phone.

But first ...... comment and let me know at least one good thing that has happened to you this past week.

Top photo: our pupster Lincoln eating his Vanilla ice cream, playing on Twitter on my iPad while I wait for a friend at Panera, remodel of our storage room complete with shelving and lots of space AND my purple Flor squares.

Bottom photo: husby Eric - also known as Big E and Bear, Lincoln enjoying the patio furniture.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Phone Photo Fun

Linking up with Savanah from What Makes Savanah Smile - she is really too cute for words!
Here is what is on my phone this week.

O.M.G. they have Halloween Cadbury Creme eggs ... I just might have died a little.

The other night I made a chicken dish that I stumbled upon. It was just eh. Basically it was a Ricotta mixture with garlic and other spices. Butterfly the chicken and spread a layer of mixture. Close and wrap a slice of Proscuitto around then bake.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

errrr rewind!

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Over LDW Big E and I went to the New York State Fair. After work on Friday we headed about 2 hours West out to Syracuse. While checking in to our hotel we noticed that the entire Syracuse Orangemen football team was staying there as well. Such a shame they have lost their first two games of the season so far. (top left photo is a player's room key envelope that he dropped in the hallway)

Woke up and had a nice breakfast and then headed over to the fairgrounds. This fair is huge - we didn't do any rides but mostly walked the midway and took in all the "sights" ... we mainly people watched and ate our way through the fair. I love the 4-H building to see all the chickies. (bottom left photo is me holding a day old chickie)

We stopped to check out one of the "living exhibits" which happened to be in the wood working building. This gentleman was a hoot.

What do you all love about a fair?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Name 3 things

Before I get into my post please visit Savanah over at What Makes Savanah Smile - I linked you to my giveaway on her site. She is super sweet and cute too!


There is no doubt that I have done some cool insanely awesome things in my life. I had been blessed with unlimited free time and stash of savings (wish I had that now) and wanted to be carefree for awhile so I lived it up. Why not right? I traveled, made many new friends, and made a lifetime of memories.

I want you to think about the times in your life and name just 3 things that are at the top of your "insanely awesome" list.

Here is my list:
1. Have spent New Year's Eve in many locations (Philly, NYC, etc)
2. Attended the 2001 MTV VMAs in NYC (circa NSYNC and Britney)
3. Rode elevators with many cool people like Ben Affleck, Howie Dorough (of BSB), and some sports players.

For your viewing pleasure ......

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lions Tigers and Bears ... oh my! (Part 1)

Last year on my birthday my wonderful husband, Big E, planned a beautiful vacation long weekend to Plymouth, MA including a ferry ride over to Provincetown on Cape Cod.

He made this trip all about me because he knows how much I love to be in New England ... and how I love New England food (hint hint Lobster Rolls, Lobster, Lobster, oh and Lobster).

When we arrived we went for a stroll out along the cliff walk that takes you pretty far out into the ocean. Now me, klutz of all klutzes was extremely nervous about walking on uneven rocks and falling ... not to my death ... but into the slimy water that was crashing up against the rocks. Fast forward ... made it off the cliff walk unscathed! We decided to dine at The CabbyShack, home of the best Clam Chodaw, voted by The Food Network. The cliff walk didn't get me but the curb out front of the restaurant did. Gah! Right there in plain site a curb spray painted bright yellow. It all happened in slow motion for me. Trip, gain balance, fall forward, gain balance by wobbling arms to and fro, try to grab onto Big E, fall forward, and splat! I was fine at first because I was in shock and highly embarassed. Big E attempted to pull me up but I wasn't having that. Got up and brushed myself off and stepped forward - yowzers the pain was intense. Eric told me I had scraped my knee - little did I know that from my knee cap to the middle of my shin was scraped, bleeding, and full of gravel. Allana = 0 Pavement = 1. It has to get better right?

The next day we took the Ferry from Plymouth over to Provincetown for a day of window shopping and dining. What an absolute gorgeous ride. From the moment we stepped off the ferry I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort and I wasn't sure why ......

Stay tuned for more.

Where was one of your best long weekend get aways to?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Giveaway winner is ......

Kelly M! Congrats and thank you for playing along on this post.

Your Panera gift card will be in the mail shortly.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Phone Photo Fun - food edition

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Linking up with What Makes Savanah Smile today - love her blog.

It's no secret that I love food ... not love but LOVE food. I have an addiction and I am not ashamed to admit it.
Big E and I decided to try a new restaurant in town called Marotta's Bar-Risto. Cute little place that had their menus on iPads at every table. Score for being tech saavy!

I have to give kudos to our town. They are really trying to rehab and repurpose abandoned buildings. I hope these restaurants and stores thrive.

Anyway back to food - we started our meal off with the appetizer that is in the photo. Their version of the mozzarella stick. Two pieces of bread with mozz cheese in the middle then deep fried. Holy heart attack on a plate - but sooo delish. I had Chicken Francais and Eric noshed on Chicken Parm. Both were great. We will definitely go back.

Giveaway ending soon!

Happy Labor Day friends. Hope you all caught Matchbox Twenty on the plaza for the Today Show. Who else will be getting their new album North tomorrow?


Reminder that my $10 surprise giveaway is ending soon. Get your entries in and pass along the link to your friends!

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy {lazy} Sunday

Happy Sunday - and happy long weekend!

Sad that summer is coming to an end but I have to admit that I had one of the best summers of my life. The weather was beautiful, tried and loved kayaking, went on an amazing vacation with my husband, and just enjoyed the weather as much as possible - knowing fully that next summer could be the pits.

While most of the country is "celebrating" the end of summer I am watching reality tv - my one true guilty pleasure. My husband is away with friends choosing his time for fantasy football so why not lay on the couch with my pup and brain drain.

My newest DVR .... Married to Jonas. They are just the cutest couple and so in love.

What reality tv is your favorite?