Sunday, September 9, 2012

errrr rewind!

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Over LDW Big E and I went to the New York State Fair. After work on Friday we headed about 2 hours West out to Syracuse. While checking in to our hotel we noticed that the entire Syracuse Orangemen football team was staying there as well. Such a shame they have lost their first two games of the season so far. (top left photo is a player's room key envelope that he dropped in the hallway)

Woke up and had a nice breakfast and then headed over to the fairgrounds. This fair is huge - we didn't do any rides but mostly walked the midway and took in all the "sights" ... we mainly people watched and ate our way through the fair. I love the 4-H building to see all the chickies. (bottom left photo is me holding a day old chickie)

We stopped to check out one of the "living exhibits" which happened to be in the wood working building. This gentleman was a hoot.

What do you all love about a fair?

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