Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Sunday {09.16.12}

Hmmm ... looks like I have been slacking with my blogging responsibilities this week. I beg you to cut me some slack though, work was rough on me. We had a huge project that took me into work before the sun came up and home after the sun came down multiple days.

Let us take a look at some photos from the past week that have been hanging out on my phone.

But first ...... comment and let me know at least one good thing that has happened to you this past week.

Top photo: our pupster Lincoln eating his Vanilla ice cream, playing on Twitter on my iPad while I wait for a friend at Panera, remodel of our storage room complete with shelving and lots of space AND my purple Flor squares.

Bottom photo: husby Eric - also known as Big E and Bear, Lincoln enjoying the patio furniture.

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