Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lions Tigers and Bears ... oh my! (Part 1)

Last year on my birthday my wonderful husband, Big E, planned a beautiful vacation long weekend to Plymouth, MA including a ferry ride over to Provincetown on Cape Cod.

He made this trip all about me because he knows how much I love to be in New England ... and how I love New England food (hint hint Lobster Rolls, Lobster, Lobster, oh and Lobster).

When we arrived we went for a stroll out along the cliff walk that takes you pretty far out into the ocean. Now me, klutz of all klutzes was extremely nervous about walking on uneven rocks and falling ... not to my death ... but into the slimy water that was crashing up against the rocks. Fast forward ... made it off the cliff walk unscathed! We decided to dine at The CabbyShack, home of the best Clam Chodaw, voted by The Food Network. The cliff walk didn't get me but the curb out front of the restaurant did. Gah! Right there in plain site a curb spray painted bright yellow. It all happened in slow motion for me. Trip, gain balance, fall forward, gain balance by wobbling arms to and fro, try to grab onto Big E, fall forward, and splat! I was fine at first because I was in shock and highly embarassed. Big E attempted to pull me up but I wasn't having that. Got up and brushed myself off and stepped forward - yowzers the pain was intense. Eric told me I had scraped my knee - little did I know that from my knee cap to the middle of my shin was scraped, bleeding, and full of gravel. Allana = 0 Pavement = 1. It has to get better right?

The next day we took the Ferry from Plymouth over to Provincetown for a day of window shopping and dining. What an absolute gorgeous ride. From the moment we stepped off the ferry I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort and I wasn't sure why ......

Stay tuned for more.

Where was one of your best long weekend get aways to?


  1. Hi! Visiting from Savanah's blog!

    I'm the biggest klutz ever so my poor fiance would've ended up on the news if he'd taken me there - I wouldn't have made it. ha! It looks beautiful though!

    My favorite weekend getaways are to the Texas Hill Country, there's so many cute litte towns with shopping, good food and wineries!!

  2. thanks for the giveaway over at what makes savanna smile!


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