Friday, September 28, 2012

oh how ... professional?

I have had a spot on my arm for years that only recently started to change. It began as a small freckle then evolved to a raised bump then it would become dry & scaley. Cool right? Ugh no ... it had me paranoid because I usually over indulge in Vitamin D. I've been a bad bad girl about sun protection.

I make the appointment with a local dermatologist. Arrive & check in only to find out they don't accept credit ... ugh. I say I don't have another form of payment & you should have made me aware of this when I called since you knew I was a new patient. Ohhh whatever - now I have to remember to put a check in the mail ... double ugh.

Get into the exam room and notice the consultation furniture is white plastic lawn chairs. Seriously folks - no joke here. How ... classy, professional, and whatever else you want to use to describe it.

Blah - never going back. On a good note though he believes it is nothing serious.

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  1. Classy furniture!
    I went to a dermatologist that only took credit, they didn't tell me either. Someone's not doing their job!


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