Sunday, September 23, 2012

Partial Saturday Evening recap

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I might have let my hair down a little too much last evening at my friend's wedding - hey open bar for what seemed like the entire night (4 hours). It truly was a fab evening and setting. Saw folks I haven't seen in awhile and our table (woooot Table #6) was that table. You know ... the one that is loud, obnoxious, and just overly unbearing. Can't say that we were bumps on a log though!

Big E and I arriving into the reception after a 2 hour cocktail session on the veranda and about 5 glasses of Chardonnay. The venue was Mohonk Mountain House - yea just look at the photo here on their site. Breathtaking views and the interior is very quaint ... except for the hotel hallways where you just imagine little kid voices whispering at you and random bouncy balls rolling out of nowhere. Creepy! Luckily we didn't stay there (over $500 a night) because I would have not slept a wink because I would be afraid of something getting me.

The food was amazing ... uh-mazing! The cocktail hour food was decent but the actual meal left our entire table wanting more. It was ordered tableside so you ordered when you arrived as you didn't know what the menu was going to be before you got there. Eric and I both ordered the steak ... yumm-o!

More photos to come when I get them off my camera.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday. We are off to a benefit that a friend is hosting at a local Tavern.

What football teams are you cheering on today?

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