Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blog Angel {recap}

October proved to be a fun month for blogging. I participated in Rosie's Blog Angel project. I was partnered with Rue from Crafty Crunchy Spicy. She is such a doll and I didn't think that I had much in common with her because she lives abroad, has a child, is into green living - nothing of which I can relate to.

After spending a little while reading through all of her entries I realized she is such an amazing mom and she does so well living abroad (I would be freaking out!). Kudos!

Another thing I realized is that she has a plethora of craft ideas (and after reading my blog you notice that I don't possess that skill) to which I am 125% jealous of. I mean just read this tutorial entry about cookie cutter pumpkin carving or this printable grocery list.

Rue wanted more help with guest posting and collaboration. I hope I helped her out when I wrote an entry (which will be featured this coming Friday) on holiday decorating. My readers have also expressed interest in wanting to write more content so I offered her the idea of having them come over to her place.

I enjoy Rue's craftiness (have I said that yet?) and I will continue to read on and get ideas. Not that I will ever put them into motion but I can dream right?  LOL

Lasty, Rue thank you for having me "angel" you and I truly hope that I have helped in some way. Promise to keep in touch and keep on sharing your beautiful life with us.

You should go check out her blog ... like now.  Crafty Crunchy Spicy


My angel was Alyx from Every Day is a New Adventure. She gave me a shout out on her blog at the half way mark and does comment somewhat regularly. I appreciate what she has done for my blog as far as bringing in a few more followers/readers.

Alyx I know you will read this and I want to say congrats on your soon-to-be bundle of joy. I hope you will continue to be a part of my blog and would love to be a part of yours in the near future if you will have me.


Click here for info on the next one and if you wanted to "sponsor" me I wouldn't mind ... hint hint!

What a deal!

Has anyone tried the "elf" product line from Target?

Yea, probably one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. A whole whopping $3 for this gem. The colors are perfect for me because as I have said in the past, "I am makeup stupid". I need the basics.

They have a website at www.eyeslipsface.com but when I just checked it is down due to Hurricane Sandy. Ohhhh I can not wait to see what else they have.

If you have tried their line let me know what you like.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Craft day!

My friend and I spent Saturday crafting. Ugh ... I am so not handy/crafty in any sort of the meaning.

Big E really wanted one of those yarn wreaths. Soooo off we went to Michaels and bought a styrofoam ring ... clearance for $1.89. Score! Then I let him pick out the color yarn he wanted ... he chose a citusy lime green. Does that sound holiday to you? It sort of does for us because it will blend in with our decor. We looked high and low for adornments and just were not happy with anything we came across. I ran to Hobby Lobby with my friend and found felt flowers that would be used to adorn headbands. Yes! Score!

My friend made a beautiful corner swag/spray. Note below the heavy duty shears she had to use to cut the ends of the stems. Yikes! Don't mess with her ....

I don't think the photos do my wreath any justice. I know the felt flowers look meek and blah but in person they really do stand out.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Helpful hints/ideas?

Oh and P.S. today is my father's 72nd birthday. Happy Birthday dad!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lazy Sunday with the Corgi (and recipe)

I have Beef and Broccoli cooking up in the crockpot today.

This is what a lazy weekend looks like for our Corgi, Lincoln. Yea his life is real tough right?

Ok ok I lied a little. It really wasn't a weekend of laziness. Yesterday my friend and I had a Pinterest crafting day. (See tomorrow's post) My husband has been feverishly working on our fireplace remodel (how long have I been saying this?). He promised me that it will be done in time for my holiday party on December 1st. I have been dying to post photos of the process but I am waiting for a reveal post. We are so proud of this project ... it is so us and it fits well with our modern design style.

Well I am off to lay on the couch and supervise my husband's work. 

Everyone on the East coast stay safe and listen to the officials if you need to evacuate. I can't wait to see what we end of getting.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Perfect Storm?

Weather authorities are calling Hurricane Sandy the perfect storm for us Northeasterners/New Englanders. Depending on where the storm makes landfall it could produce rain or snow. The lower it lands (Delaware) it will be snow for us here in Upstate NY and if it lands higher (Maine) it will just be rain (crosses fingers). This warm weather pattern will collide with Arctic Air that is coming down from Canada.

Neither of the scenarios are ideal. I mean who wants that much snow in October? Rain is not fun either especially since we had Hurricane Irene up here just last year. Most local regions are still recovering from the devastating damage left in her path. These are photos of some of the flooding that happened just down the hill from us. Luckily we live on a high hill and away from the river.

tops of the picnic area and roof of the waterfront restaurant. in the upper right background you see the actual river.

the river rose up the boat launch and halfway up the door to another waterfront restaurant. to the left is the road which also became flooded.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A little fashion help please ...

Who is fashionally challenged? *raises hand*
I can barely match my clothes to black pants.

I have this skirt. (sorry couldn't put a photo for some reason)

I need suggestions as to what to wear on top. Please keep in mind that I need bigger sizes. Ideally I would like to have something that matches the cream color in it. I don't even know where to start with fabric or style.

Please here my cries for help.

Monday, October 22, 2012

gripe, food, and music

Anybody else use the blogger app? Ok who else uses it and really dislikes it? Go ahead ... don't be shy. It sucks right? What other apps can be used instead? I want to be able to format my posts from anywhere and not have to rely on being near a computer. Ughh, gripe over ... for now.

Not much excitement this past weekend except a fab meal in the crockpot. You all know me. I love that thing. Made some delish pulled pork. Yumm.

Music that makes Mondays go round for me. Matchbox Twenty, Green day, and Alex Clare. You?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Get in touch with me

First thing - don't forget to sign up to be a guest poster on my blog while I am off organizing my life. Sign ups are on a few posts down from here. You can blog about anything or anyone without judgement!
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Next - follow me here on my blog! I adore new readers. Then come stalk me on Twitter @AllanaSendzicki and give me a shout out.

Lasty - please oh please link me to some of your favorite recipes!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What are you eating?

I have a hard time turning down food. I am fairly certain I have a food addiction.

Below is my meal planner for the next several days. It will be a miracle to see if I can stick to it.

Would all the foodies out there please link me to some of your favorite recipes? Mine all seem so old, plain, and boring. Pretty pleeease?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NYC rewind & ohhh don't forget

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This past weekend Big E and I took the train down to NYC. I always enjoy going to the city for many reasons. One large reason is the food! And these were no exception ...

We woke up on Sunday morning and headed across the street to Crumbs. The left cupcake was Milkshake flavored and mine on the right was Sea Salt Caramel. I had such a hard time deciding which cupcake I wanted.

The reason of trip to the city was to meet up and see my friend Graham Colton play. Check out his website here and here. Graham is not only an amazing artist he is a tried and true great person. No matter what he is doing he will always take the time to stop and chat with you. Eric flew Graham out to play cocktail hour and sing our first dance song at our wedding. We sat back and chatted for awhile and realized we have known each other for around ten years. Yikes - where has the time gone? There was a pretty large gap where we didn't speak or see each other and we picked right up where we left off like it was yesterday. I highly recommend seeing him when he comes to a town near you and I promise that you will not be sorry and you will enjoy the entire evening.

On Sunday after our nutritious delicious and gluttonous breakfast we headed over to Herald Square to see what was happening before our train left. We ate lunch at The Counter (awesome build your own burger place). Eric feasted on a delish Bison burger and I had your more conventional burger.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and look forward this coming weekend.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Looking for guest posters

Hi all! I am going to be taking a week off in November and would love to have you "fill in" for me.

Topics can range from fashion, crafts, recipes, to your daily life or whatever your heart desires because I am looking for variety!

Who wants in? The only thing I ask of you is to link back to your guest spot on your blog when it is your turn.

All my guest posters will get a little thank you gift from me as well. If you are interested leave me a comment with your email address so I can contact you.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blog Angel reveal {Crafty Crunchy Spicy}

Yay - it is now out in the open and I can finally talk to Rue without feeling like a stalker. Rue is seeking help with guest posts and collaboration. Check out her blog here.

I joined the Blog Angel bandwagon in hopes giving some help to a fellow blogger as well as receive help. Ohhh I can't wait to see who my angel is.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just stopping by

to let my friends know that I won't be blogging this weekend because tomorrow is going to be an insane day with work, a work function, and our anniversary dinner. Give me a holla for going to a Brazillian steakhouse.

On Saturday we are headed to NYC for an overnight stay. While there we are going to see Graham Colton who just happened to perform at our wedding (thanks to my husby!).

Enjoy the video of our first dance to one of Graham's song.

And this is what I need while in NYC.


Don't forget to enter Jessica's giveaway here and get info on her 5 for Five linkup.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10.10.10 - our anniversary (many photos)

Today is our two-year anniversary. Where has time gone?

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy some photos of our big day. Would love to hear your thoughts on everything from our decor to wedding attire. Our venue for the ceremony and reception was the Saratoga Auto Museum. Everyone ate and danced among the vintage cars on display.

I took the time that day to really live each moment - that would be my advice to every bride. Stop and enjoy each minute. I can clearly recall every moment happening. I want those memories to last. We had only two major snafus but in the end it all worked out so there was no need to stress.

Enjoy the photos.

Bridesmaid gift - cocktail ring
rings with newspaper to show date
 another shot of the rings
close up of my flowers
close up of our flowers and cocktail rings 
bridal party
with my parents
one of my favorite shots
another favorite shot
waiting, waiting, waiting
 our arrival poster
showing bridesmaid dresses
it is go time
view looking down on ceremony
 I do
love this photo of my father-in-law
centerpieces and table arrangements
our cupcakes (the size of DD muffins and filled)
our cake topper
Big E at cocktail hour

Hope you enjoyed a run through of our special day!
Happy Anniversary bub - love ya!

Monday, October 8, 2012

What photos are hiding on my phone?

table setting for my big family dinner

lame attempt at something from Pinterest
won this centerpiece

mom at my cousin's wedding

edamame in a steam bag

YOLO link up {Introduce Yourself}

Happy Monday - most of us are off from work/school today in observance of Columbus Day.

Time to link up with Lipgloss and Crayons for Yolo Mondays!

As some of you may already know I am crazy for crockpot meals. I am going to whipping up some pulled pork in the near future and will be using the below recipe. **crosses fingers it will be delish**

Pulled Pork recipe
4 lbs pork roast (shoulder or butt)
2 large onions
1 cup ginger ale
1 (18 ounce) bottle favorite barbecue sauce (I like Sweet Baby Ray's)
barbecue sauce, for serving (optional)

1. Slice one onion and place in crock pot.
2. Put in the roast and cover with the other onion, sliced. Pour over the ginger ale. Cover and cook on LOW for about 12 hours.
3. Remove the meat, strain and save the onions, discard all liquid. With two forks, shred the meat, discarding any remaining fat, bones or skin. Most of the fat will have melted away.
4. Return the shredded meat and the onions to the crock pot, stir in the barbecue sauce. Continue to cook for another 4 to 6 hours on LOW.
5. Serve with hamburger buns or rolls and additional barbecue sauce. Any leftovers freeze very well.
6. TIP: freeze ready-made sandwiches - a scoop of meat on a bun, well-wrapped. These make a great quick meal or snack. To reheat, remove wrapping, wrap in a paper towel, and zap 1-2 minute in the microwave.
7. Note: Shoulder or butt are recommended because the meat shreds very well. Other cuts do not shred as readily. It is a fattier cut, but the fat melts away in the cooking and is poured away when you discard the liquid.
8. Note 2: I have an older, smaller crock pot. The above times work perfectly for me. But if you have a newer or bigger crock pot, you may need to revise times downward, esp. after the bbq sauce is added. I think you need at least a couple of hours for it all to meld, but that may be all you need. Update: I recently bought a bigger crockpot, I think 5 or 6 qts. I cooked a 6 lb pork shoulder in it for 8 hours and it was shreddable at that point. Shredded, added the sauce, and cooked for another hour or so to meld everything. So use your best judgment on timing!
9. Note3: You might want to turn your roast over after it's cooked a while, to ensure more even cooking. I think this may depend on the size and shape of your roast and the size of your slow cooker. 
Remember that each time you remove the lid you lose heat and be careful, as turning a large piece of meat is awkward.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Social {All About Fall}

Sunday Social 
Linking up with Ashley and Neely for this week's Sunday Social - All About Fall.
Fall is a sad season for me - mainly because I know what is usually right around the corner .... snow. Who really wants that crap? Not me. Fall seems so quick. I want to linger and enjoy the pumpkin pie and the colors of the leaves. Upstate NY is really a great place to experience this season.
Some reasons that fall happy for me. What are some your favorite fall items?
Fall = New England Patriots
Fall = crockpot meals

Fall = Thanksgiving
Fall = cozy scents in my Gold Canyon warmer
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