Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10.10.10 - our anniversary (many photos)

Today is our two-year anniversary. Where has time gone?

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy some photos of our big day. Would love to hear your thoughts on everything from our decor to wedding attire. Our venue for the ceremony and reception was the Saratoga Auto Museum. Everyone ate and danced among the vintage cars on display.

I took the time that day to really live each moment - that would be my advice to every bride. Stop and enjoy each minute. I can clearly recall every moment happening. I want those memories to last. We had only two major snafus but in the end it all worked out so there was no need to stress.

Enjoy the photos.

Bridesmaid gift - cocktail ring
rings with newspaper to show date
 another shot of the rings
close up of my flowers
close up of our flowers and cocktail rings 
bridal party
with my parents
one of my favorite shots
another favorite shot
waiting, waiting, waiting
 our arrival poster
showing bridesmaid dresses
it is go time
view looking down on ceremony
 I do
love this photo of my father-in-law
centerpieces and table arrangements
our cupcakes (the size of DD muffins and filled)
our cake topper
Big E at cocktail hour

Hope you enjoyed a run through of our special day!
Happy Anniversary bub - love ya!


  1. Happy 2 year anniversary!! Today is our third! :)

  2. Your wedding was gorgeous! Congrats on two years! My first year is coming up and I'm super excited! Hope you guys had a great anniversary! :)

  3. It's our 2nd yr anniversary too. You have a really cool looking site. Happy Anniversary fellow 10-10-10'er. Congrat!

  4. Happy anniversary with a day later. Wish you much more years of love and understanding! :)

  5. your wedding looks totally beautiful - and i am so super jealous of your cake topper! ohmygosh adorable! and happy anniversary - you got married on an awesome date!

    <3 katherine

  6. Happy 2 year anniversary!! I love that you guys got married on such a cool date - how fun!
    And your dress/wedding were absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Your wedding was truly gorgeous - every aspect (fall, the bridesmaids dresses!)

    Happy anniversary :)

    I am your newest follower, I look forward to your future posts.

  8. A car museum? What a cool place to get hitched! =)


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