Thursday, October 4, 2012

A day of celebration!

October 4 - usually just your average fall day.

On this day in 1944 my mother was born. Thank you for being a wonderful mother and good friend throughout my years of growing up. I know that I have not always been the easiest to get along with but I chalk that up to the fact that you and I are so very similar.

To the right is a photo of my mom and dad at our wedding.

Not only is my mom's birthday but today is also our Corgi's birthday. Yup that is right - he and his grandmom share this day of celebration. My mom couldn't be any happier to share her day ... Lincoln eh not so much.

Today I have planned to take my mom to get her nails done. I also planned a huge turkey dinner for everyone, including my in-laws. Cross your fingers everything turns out well.

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