Monday, October 29, 2012

Craft day!

My friend and I spent Saturday crafting. Ugh ... I am so not handy/crafty in any sort of the meaning.

Big E really wanted one of those yarn wreaths. Soooo off we went to Michaels and bought a styrofoam ring ... clearance for $1.89. Score! Then I let him pick out the color yarn he wanted ... he chose a citusy lime green. Does that sound holiday to you? It sort of does for us because it will blend in with our decor. We looked high and low for adornments and just were not happy with anything we came across. I ran to Hobby Lobby with my friend and found felt flowers that would be used to adorn headbands. Yes! Score!

My friend made a beautiful corner swag/spray. Note below the heavy duty shears she had to use to cut the ends of the stems. Yikes! Don't mess with her ....

I don't think the photos do my wreath any justice. I know the felt flowers look meek and blah but in person they really do stand out.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Helpful hints/ideas?

Oh and P.S. today is my father's 72nd birthday. Happy Birthday dad!


  1. I love the wreath! I'd love to make something like that. :) and happy birthday to your dad!!!

  2. Yay for craft weekends! Great DIY, looks like it's super affordable as well. I just posted about my diys as well, check it out when you have a chance.

  3. Wow, you let your husband make design choices? I'm impressed! I always tell Ammon that while he's great at building things, decor and design are not his strong suits. Looks like your husband has good taste though, very cute!


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