Saturday, October 6, 2012

Holiday weekend

Another holiday weekend is upon us and in my true fashion I extended it even more by taking this past Thursday and Friday off. As you may have read earlier, Thursday was my mom's birthday and yesterday was their anniversary.

What does the rest of the weekend have in store for us. Well I completely goofed up dates and thought we had a wedding to attend today but we don't. So instead of noshing on delish food and dancing the night away Big E and I are going to finish our trim and begin to layout our fireplace surround and mantle. It will be a huge relief when those two things are finally complete. We do have a wedding to attend on Sunday though so the noshing and dancing will be done at least one day this weekend. Not sure what Monday has in store for us yet.

Anywho - Jessica over at Fantasically Average is having a cute giveway! Go check out here blog cause she is cute. If you head over there leave me a comment and let me know that you did.

She is also starting a link up called 5 for Five that starts on Oct 15th so check that out as well.

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