Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NYC rewind & ohhh don't forget

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This past weekend Big E and I took the train down to NYC. I always enjoy going to the city for many reasons. One large reason is the food! And these were no exception ...

We woke up on Sunday morning and headed across the street to Crumbs. The left cupcake was Milkshake flavored and mine on the right was Sea Salt Caramel. I had such a hard time deciding which cupcake I wanted.

The reason of trip to the city was to meet up and see my friend Graham Colton play. Check out his website here and here. Graham is not only an amazing artist he is a tried and true great person. No matter what he is doing he will always take the time to stop and chat with you. Eric flew Graham out to play cocktail hour and sing our first dance song at our wedding. We sat back and chatted for awhile and realized we have known each other for around ten years. Yikes - where has the time gone? There was a pretty large gap where we didn't speak or see each other and we picked right up where we left off like it was yesterday. I highly recommend seeing him when he comes to a town near you and I promise that you will not be sorry and you will enjoy the entire evening.

On Sunday after our nutritious delicious and gluttonous breakfast we headed over to Herald Square to see what was happening before our train left. We ate lunch at The Counter (awesome build your own burger place). Eric feasted on a delish Bison burger and I had your more conventional burger.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and look forward this coming weekend.


  1. le sigh NYC is like my favorite place on earth!

  2. Glad you had fun in the city! :)

  3. Sea Salt Caramel Cupcake? Yum!

  4. This sounds like such a fun trip!

    And putting up pictures of that cupcake is just cruel. And torturous.

  5. So cute!! Love that he played your wedding song, and I think you made the right decision on that cupcake flavor:)


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