Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Perfect Storm?

Weather authorities are calling Hurricane Sandy the perfect storm for us Northeasterners/New Englanders. Depending on where the storm makes landfall it could produce rain or snow. The lower it lands (Delaware) it will be snow for us here in Upstate NY and if it lands higher (Maine) it will just be rain (crosses fingers). This warm weather pattern will collide with Arctic Air that is coming down from Canada.

Neither of the scenarios are ideal. I mean who wants that much snow in October? Rain is not fun either especially since we had Hurricane Irene up here just last year. Most local regions are still recovering from the devastating damage left in her path. These are photos of some of the flooding that happened just down the hill from us. Luckily we live on a high hill and away from the river.

tops of the picnic area and roof of the waterfront restaurant. in the upper right background you see the actual river.

the river rose up the boat launch and halfway up the door to another waterfront restaurant. to the left is the road which also became flooded.


  1. This morning the NOAA website had one of the paths of the storm slamming right into CT. Oh goodie for me. Who's glad she had 4 trees removed from her lot 3 weeks ago?!? Me! Because last year the following happened: 1) a tree fell on our house, 2) my office was shut down for 3 days because of no power and 3) my house had no power for 9 days. Sometimes I hate October.

    In other news - did you get my first guest post e-mail?

  2. Sending you good thoughts!!! That's scary...

  3. Hey Allana, Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award!


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