Monday, November 26, 2012

BLING in the New Year Swap sign ups!

Today is the day! Today is the day!

PhotobucketAllie, Mia, and myself are proud to host BLING in the New Year perfect party accessory swap!

With Thanksgiving now behind us it is the perfect time to start thinking about New Year's Eve and your awesome outfit. Who doesn't a love a little bling or sparkle to put you in a celebrating mood?

Sign up today below and shop for the perfect New Year's Eve accessory(ies), whether it be a sequined scarf, cocktail ring, or bling earrings. We encourage you to chat with your swap partner to get to know their style and possibly get insight on what their NYE plans are and maybe what they are thinking about wearing.

Sign ups end on Monday, December 3rd.
We will email your swap partner to you by Friday, December 7.
Make your purchase between $10-$15.
Please mail your accessory(ies) out by December 20 so there will be plenty of time for your partner to receive the package to ohhhh and ahhhh over it.
Link up will happen on Monday, December 31st and will be open for a few days.

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