Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas must haves from Brittany {A Coffee Break with Brittany)

Show me one gal that doesn't love Brittany. She is very down to Earth and I wish we were friends IRL because we would cause some havoc ... or just go shopping together!  Comment over at her blog with your Christmas must haves. (comments turned off here)

Hi Everyone! I'm Brittany from A Coffee Break with Brittany and I'm here to guest blog for the ever lovely Allana! I was not sure what I would write about and then it hit me! Christmas MUST HAVES! Christmas is my favorite time of year I have loved it since I was little girl so perfect topic for me to talk about. Here are a few of my favorite things and basically my must haves for the holiday season! On with the show....

First up we have the Fresh Balsam candle from Bath and Body Works! This is the smell of Christmas for me. I love the freshness of it and just how much it actually smells like a real tree. Sometimes I find that a candle will smell far too fake and cleaner like. Honestly if you get nothing else from my post please take my word on this and go get this candle!

I love Starbucks at all times of year but since I don't have one close to me I normally have to make it myself in my Keurig which is great but not quite the same! I always get myself Starbucks (vanilla latte) when I'm in the city Christmas shopping makes for a better Christmas shopping experience when you have your Starbucks Red Cup :)

Of course you need Christmas music! I will admit I have been listening to Christmas music for a few weeks now but I was doing some Christmas crafts so it was necessary okay! My favorite is Elvis Christmas. I love Elvis so of course I love his Christmas albums. No, other album can get me the Christmas mood faster than this one can. On A Snowy Christmas Night is my favorite song. Oh now I have to go and listen to it! A close runner up is Michael Buble too! These two albums will be on repeat for me all holiday season long!

Christmas treats! One of the best parts of the holiday season is all the yummy treats! I plan on making these cookies this year! Don't they look delish!? I think my mom's scotch cookies are my favorite holiday treat. So yummy!!

 And to wrap up you need Christmas movies! What is better than curling up on the couch with a blanket and hot chocolate to watch one of your favorite Christmas films? That is right NOTHING! I honestly could watch these two movies over and over all holiday season and to be honest I probably watch them more then I should but they are my favorites so give me a break ;)  Maybe you can even have a Red Cup and a movie! Combine your Christmas must haves!

I hope you all have enjoyed my guest blog and it got you in the Christmas spirit! Thanks to Allana to having me! Have a great day everyone :)

*all photos from Google Images