Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Favorites Swap {reveal}

Who doesn't love a good swap? Not me that's for sure. I entered Mia's The Chronicles of Chaos Fall Favorites swap.

She did the swap based on ... well your fall favorites whether it was fashion, food, holidays, traditions, or weather. My favorite part of fall is traditions and I was originally paired with a different blogger but they had to back out at the last minute so Mia was awesome and filled in for her.

When I received her over sized box I tore into like a 4 year old on Christmas. It was chock full of my favorites to carry out traditions that remind me of the holidays.

Included in the box o' goodies were crockpot liner bags, gloves that allow you to still use your smartphone, notepads, notecards, candle, photo frame, hand soap, and hand sanitizer. The scent of the candle is just heavenly and I can not wait to wear my new gloves. Ohhh and I already used one of the notepads to take notes during a meeting at work.

I really have to thank Mia for going above and beyond the call of duty. She definitely went way overboard but so grateful for each item.

Ohhhh can't wait to see what everyone got in their goodie boxes.

NaBloPoMo entry #2


  1. Yay! Thanks for being an awesome swap partner! :) And happy FALL! xo

  2. what an awesome package!

    i got that same candle :)

    cute blog you have!

  3. Very cool! You got an awesome package!

  4. Awesome package! I love those little gloves with the special fingertips to use smartphones! Such a great invention :)

  5. I love the gloves I got, and I have those notebooks. They are amazing little things to carry around, and pretty too!


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