Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lesley is talking fashion on a budget. {The Dream Tree}

Say hello to Lesely - what a gem! Go check her blog out and leave her some love after reading what she has to say here about fashion on a budget. I think we can all use some saavy shopping tips - I know I could. (comments turned off here)

Hey there!  I am Lesley and the dream tree is the blog I call my own.  I am so excited to be posting for Allana while she is off organizing her life for the week.  If you saw my condo, you would think I probably need to do the same, ha!  But, anyway - today I want to show you a few items that are on my wishlist for fall.

Cold weather is not my thing, so wearing heavy stuff is one of the last things I want to do, but a girls gotta do it.

I don't know about you, but I'm not made of money and have a tight budget for buying a new fall wardrobe.  I don't normally shop at JCPenney, but when I ran across a few pieces I liked, I browsed their stuff a little more and noticed they had a lot of cute, affordable, and chic stuff! 

I am a fashion blogger by no means, but I know good stuff when I see it.  Typically you can find me in black or some other solid color, jeans, tanks, and boots. These pieces pretty much portray the same thing and I can't wait to check them out more.

I would love it if you ventured over to my blog and said hello!  There you will find a pretty rad lifestyle blog about my dreams, yummy food I cook up, fun projects I make, and everyday beauty tips.  Maybe even a few posts about my furbabies, sexy husband, our adventures, and how much I love sparkle.   

Thanks again, Allana for having me and letting me share a few clothing items I'm hoping to get in the next few weeks.  Hoping your de-cluttering week is going well.