Friday, November 30, 2012

New Ride(s)

Ever have one of those days? Just minding your own business and then ... boom someone hits your car as you are driving.

Well that happened to Big E. He was casually driving home on the same roads as usual when a gentleman pulled out of a gas station and hit him. Crash, bang, boom and it was all over for the Grand Am. No real loss there.

Turns out there was over $6000 in damage so they totaled his car out thus putting us in a whirlwind to find a new car. Ohhh the options ... and headaches. He sure knows what he wants and doesn't want.

Eric finally decided he wanted a white 2012 Scion xB. Roomy and a smooth ride.

Well I couldn't let him have the only new vehicle could I? Nope - it wasn't intentional at all but the deal was right. Ohhh boy did I negotiate. The dealership ended up being upside down on the deal because they had to bring more money to the table than they originally wanted to.

My new ride is a 2012 Crimson Honda Civic. Love!

All in all both dealerships were good to work with and we were both glad we got the salesmen we did.

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