Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wanted: 1 Antler Stocking Holder

Made by Threshold and sold at Target.

Each of our local Target locations are sold out with the exception of one but theirs are damaged.

I bought the one and only I saw with hopes of getting to another Target to snag the 2nd. Ahhh they are all sold out.

In your travels to Target can you please look to see if they have one - I will pay you back I swear.

They were not located with the other holiday items. I found them located in the area where the Nate Berkus display is (where all the funky holiday items are in the middle of the store on endcaps).

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  1. I want these too! When I first saw them, I decided to wait on them, and now I'm kicking myself! I can't find them anywhere!


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