Saturday, November 10, 2012

*waves* Hello!

I wanted to take the time to say hello and welcome all the new readers. My readership has nearly doubled in the past week or so. I contribute this is to Rosie's mega giveaway. Thank you!

While I completely appreciate all the new love I want you all to stick around once the giveaway ends. Please don't leave me I beg you kindly ask you.

You never know what you will read on this blog. There is chatting about fashion or the lack of, recipes, just good old randomness, and my spur of the moment shopping sprees. I talk about my husband, Big E and our little bundle of joy, Lincoln the Corgi.

We are in the midst of doing several home renovations that are consuming the life out of me - not to mention sucking the money right out of our pockets. It will be about 70% done in the next couple of weeks and I can not wait to share photos with you.

Why don't you tell me a little about yourselves and your blog. I know some of you have left comments and said where you blog at but lets have it all in one place so others can easily find it and hop on over.

What is your name, blog name, what you typically blog about, likes, dislikes, what you had for dinner .... kidding! Go ahead give us some tid bits.



  1. Most happy to be a new follower!!

  2. :) This is great! I'm Jen, I blog about army life, infertility, life in general and everything in between. :)

    Jen @
    The Adventures of our Army Life


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