Sunday, November 4, 2012

You know I love food.

There are some days when I think my life revolves around food.

The other night my husband, my friend , and I went out to eat to a great little place in town (much like a diner). My friend ordered this awesome Greek salad. I have had it on the brain ever since and I can't wait to go back to enjoy one myself. It must have been the combination of homemade dressing, bricks of feta cheese, superbly marinated chicken breast, and served with a warm pita.

And we all know how much I love using my crock pot. Today my husband threw together the ingredients to make us Chicken & Biscuits. I think he might have made them better than I do. Shhhh don't ever tell him I said. The biscuits came out so soft and doughy while the chicken was tender and could be cut with a spoon! We served it over another carb - rice. Mmm carbs.

What meals did you all make this weekend?

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  1. Those do look delicious! I actually tried finding a good crockpot recipe book to send with your swap present, but didn't find anything within my budget or that I liked all that much! Maybe next time! I hope you enjoy the other gifts though!


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