Monday, December 31, 2012

Bling in the New Year linkup!

Allie, Mia, and myself hosted an awesome swap. What better way to ring in 2013 than with some new bling ... right?

I am the worst host, no really I am. Please accept my apologies for not showing photos of my loot. I can not find my camera at the moment where my photos are stored.

My swap buddy was Carrie from Frugal Foodie Mama who is the absolute best. She sent me a pair of awesome dangly (?) earrings and those awesome hair tie/pony holders that are all the rage these days. LOVE.THEM.TO.Pieces! She went on an Etsy shopping spree to get my goodies. Thank you so much Carrie for taking the time to be a part of this swap. You did a great job! Go check out her wonderful blog where she discusses being budget-conscious on her journey through motherhood.

Tell me just one thing

With 2012 coming to a close please tell me just one thing you learned about blogging this year. As you all know I only started this little safe place near the end of the summer.

It can be anything! A tip or trick you learned or advice you read or received.

I look forward to reading your answers after a yummy dinner tonight with friends.

Thank you to all my friends and followers. Looking forward to a happy healthy 2013. Make this year count and if the tragedies in 2012 hit any nerve remember to be kind.

written from the Blogger app so excuse any errors.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday in photos

Used my new crockpot to make a delish Beef Stew for Eric and my parents.

Watched the Patriots squish the fish with Lincoln snuggling.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dinner and a movie

Maybe the other way around.

With the holidays somewhat behind us Eric and I can finally enjoy a nice afternoon together.

Going to use one of our many gift cards to go see Lincoln. Really excited to see it

Has anyone seen Lincoln yet? Thoughts?

After the movie we are going to grab a bite to eat at Carrabba's - another gift card to use!

Yay to a free day of food and entertainment.

Eric and I need to relax this weekend so we can continue to beat the crap out of our illness.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Our stockings were hung with care.

It's ridiculous how in love with our new fireplace I am.

We were without one for almost a year because our old one had a slight gas leak ... oopsie. The previous brass surround circa 1980 was not our style anyway.

The materials and style are so sleek and modern. We used black slate for the immediate surround and hearth. My husband built outer surround from metal and the mantle is painted wood.

It was fun to decorate a mantle again. The framed photo is of a Corgi sitting in a doorway with antlers on. Sticking with the antler theme I had to have the antler stocking holders from Target. The vintage sled was Eric's fathers when he was kid. Our festive stockings are from last year off Etsy.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I promise

that I am still around for those that might have missed me.

Can not believe I am still sick though. This asthma is really kicking my butt. I am sure the weather is not helping matters either - one minute it is 50 degrees and the next it is 20 and snowing. WTF?

My husband has been great support in all of this which is a huge help especially when I had a house full of guests for the holiday. I just don't have the energy to do much. I am back to work and by the time the afternoon rolls around I want to take a nap. Eric makes me tea with honey and I crash while watching tv.

I am making it a goal to blog more this weekend but for now enjoy this baby photo of me - circa 1976. And yes I am still this adorable at 36!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Aunie Sauce's Decemeber giveaway

Check out Aunie Sauce blog this month for some great items in her December giveaway.

She is truly a sweet gal and I am very happy to be a part of her blog family this month.

Aunie Sauce

Thursday, December 20, 2012

So much to do and I am in bed!

On Monday night into Tuesday morning I woke up gasping for air around 4am. I was extremely scared (and making things far worse) I was crying and telling Big E to bring me to the ER.

By 4:30am I was in the ER having blood drawn, an EKG done, and hooked up to a heart monitor. They immediately gave me a breathing treatment that did nothing ... nada! The nurse called for a chest x-ray and then I had another breathing treatment. Finally this treatment worked and I had a tiny bit of relief.

X-ray came back negative for pneumonia and a strep test came back negative as well. The doc said that I had adult croup (sp?) but labeled it as a severe asthma attack and an upper respiratory infection. I left the hospital with a script for an inhaler and prednisone to reduce the inflammation around my lungs. Great! I was on the way to being mended.

Cue Eric being sick. Cue me developing a couch like no other. To our primary care doctor we go on Wednesday. Filled our new scripts - not one wink of sleep on Wednesday night. Just lots and lots of coughing. Even our dog couldn't sleep (poor little bubba). I had to take double the dosage of my meds just to get to sleep around 4am - I slept till noon today and I feel a tad more human.

Our house has just been under the weather for most of the week and I think of all the items on my to-do list to get ready for Christmas. Ugh - Happy Holidays!

Here is to hoping that by Saturday I will be at least 75% healed and I can clean the house to make it guest ready. I just can't wait to wash my sheets and blankets.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pssst Kathleen L. you are a winner!

Kathleen, I have been trying to reach out to you but your email continues to get returned. If you are Kathleen or know Kathleen please get in touch with me so I can hook you up with your giveaway goodies.

If I don't hear back from Kathleen by this Thursday I will choose a new winner.

Giveway Link

Sunday, December 16, 2012

We have a winner!

Sorry for the huge delay in announcing the winner from my giveaway. I have been not been feeling well (thanks Eric!).

Anyway - if you are the winner please reply so we can hook you up with the loot!

Giveaway Link

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekend recap {a few days late}

Nothing too exciting happening around these parts lately. This past weekend Big E and I attended my company holiday party. It was held at one of the local hotels and we had a free room so why not right?

The party was pretty uneventful ... except for the outfits. I mean come on does no one own a mirror or have a sense of style or class? My favorite outfit of the evening was the full on gold latex dress. I swear all she needed was a safety word.

My outfit was a cute lightweight gold shimmery sweater and black wool shorts that I paired with super black opaque tights and heels. Finally the first year where I was comfortable the entire time.

This was my hair/makeup.

Annnnd after several White Russians, a shot with colleagues from my department, and with the heat turned up to 120 degrees my hair/makeup no longer looked like this.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Heavy hearts in Upstate NY

An extensive outpouring of love and support to a local community the past few days has made it hard to be on any social media outlet, watch a news channel, or even read the local newspapers online without being sucked in to the latest on this story.

This past Saturday a Ford Explorer carried four high school seniors home from a rivalry college basketball game up I-87N ... a highway that connects Albany NY to Canada and is notorious for chewing up cars and spitting them out. These teens were just about 15 minutes away from their exit and homes when a drunk driver (who also attended said basketball game) flew up the highway weaving in and out of lanes at a high rate of speed.

When all was said and done the four teens ended up in a multiple rollover crash and the driver of the car landed in the woods on the other side of the road. Two of the teens did not survive ... they happened to be the boyfriend and girlfriend of the two that survived. Baily was thrown from the vehicle while Matt was partially thrown.

First photo: (L) Chris and Bailey (R) Deanna & Matt
Second photo: Chris and Deanna (best friends and classmates)

Chris and Deanna lost their lives in probably the most horrific of ways. I can not fathom the pain their parents, family, and friends are feeling. The local communities and schools have united in a way I have never seen before.

It seems as though everyone in the 518 (our area code) is accountable for getting #tebowcallmatt to trend on Twitter. On Monday night Tim Tebow, of the NY Jets, phones Matt in the hospital to offer support, condolences, and they prayed together for healing.

I won't stand on my soap box and preach but let's all please phone a cab, friend, family member, or just walk home when you have been drinking. Do not get in the car and drive. It will ruin lives.

Article in local newspaper

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Woop Woop {giveaway}

The blog has been my haven lately and I love sharing my daily rants, raves, and randomness with you. A huge THANK YOU for being a loyal reader and always willing to give me advice when needed ... and maybe not when needed.

If it were not for all of you I would feel like I was talking to myself everyday. Wait ... I do that anyway. No I am not crazy {much}.

Without further procrastination let's move onto the giveaway shall we.

Up for grabs to one lucky reader is:

"Winter Revival gift bag" from the lovely Georgina over at Notes on Lifestyle from Georgina.
1. Small Maison soy candle (Grapefruit)
2. 1 sample of my favorite energy and immunity drink supplement by Jillian Michaels: EBoost in Pink Lemonade
3. 1 sample size of Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream
4. 1 Honest Company (Jessica Alba's company) Hand Soap in organic lemongrass
5. 1 Coco de Soleil high-gloss hair masque by Gloss Moderne

Ad space from Brin at Bold Butter Baby.
350x350 - valued at $12.00

Beautiful set of stackable chevron rings from Sweet Fashion Deals.

$10.00 gift card to Sephora

and more ... but all of those items are a surprise!
Good Luck!

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