Monday, December 31, 2012

Bling in the New Year linkup!

Allie, Mia, and myself hosted an awesome swap. What better way to ring in 2013 than with some new bling ... right?

I am the worst host, no really I am. Please accept my apologies for not showing photos of my loot. I can not find my camera at the moment where my photos are stored.

My swap buddy was Carrie from Frugal Foodie Mama who is the absolute best. She sent me a pair of awesome dangly (?) earrings and those awesome hair tie/pony holders that are all the rage these days. LOVE.THEM.TO.Pieces! She went on an Etsy shopping spree to get my goodies. Thank you so much Carrie for taking the time to be a part of this swap. You did a great job! Go check out her wonderful blog where she discusses being budget-conscious on her journey through motherhood.


  1. Thanks for hosting - this was a really fun swap!

  2. Glad you loved everything, dear! :)


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