Thursday, December 20, 2012

So much to do and I am in bed!

On Monday night into Tuesday morning I woke up gasping for air around 4am. I was extremely scared (and making things far worse) I was crying and telling Big E to bring me to the ER.

By 4:30am I was in the ER having blood drawn, an EKG done, and hooked up to a heart monitor. They immediately gave me a breathing treatment that did nothing ... nada! The nurse called for a chest x-ray and then I had another breathing treatment. Finally this treatment worked and I had a tiny bit of relief.

X-ray came back negative for pneumonia and a strep test came back negative as well. The doc said that I had adult croup (sp?) but labeled it as a severe asthma attack and an upper respiratory infection. I left the hospital with a script for an inhaler and prednisone to reduce the inflammation around my lungs. Great! I was on the way to being mended.

Cue Eric being sick. Cue me developing a couch like no other. To our primary care doctor we go on Wednesday. Filled our new scripts - not one wink of sleep on Wednesday night. Just lots and lots of coughing. Even our dog couldn't sleep (poor little bubba). I had to take double the dosage of my meds just to get to sleep around 4am - I slept till noon today and I feel a tad more human.

Our house has just been under the weather for most of the week and I think of all the items on my to-do list to get ready for Christmas. Ugh - Happy Holidays!

Here is to hoping that by Saturday I will be at least 75% healed and I can clean the house to make it guest ready. I just can't wait to wash my sheets and blankets.


  1. That sounds so scary! I hope the medications are helping and you guys are both back on your feet in time to enjoy the holiday!

  2. So sorry! I have the exact same thing right now! Ewww. And now I'm pretty sure hubby is getting it too. Booo!

  3. I had that happen before as well! It's soooo scary, they told me that my lungs were inflamed. So scary. Hope you get to feeling better!


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