Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekend recap {a few days late}

Nothing too exciting happening around these parts lately. This past weekend Big E and I attended my company holiday party. It was held at one of the local hotels and we had a free room so why not right?

The party was pretty uneventful ... except for the outfits. I mean come on does no one own a mirror or have a sense of style or class? My favorite outfit of the evening was the full on gold latex dress. I swear all she needed was a safety word.

My outfit was a cute lightweight gold shimmery sweater and black wool shorts that I paired with super black opaque tights and heels. Finally the first year where I was comfortable the entire time.

This was my hair/makeup.

Annnnd after several White Russians, a shot with colleagues from my department, and with the heat turned up to 120 degrees my hair/makeup no longer looked like this.


  1. You look great! Thanks SO MUCH for my swap gifts - I just got them and love them!

  2. You looked great in this picture. The outfit sounds super cute. :) Where can I get some wool shorts?

  3. You look so good and your outfit sounds super cute!! Where do you get wool shorts?

  4. ooh white russians... yum! and you looked so awesome!

    1. Love that scarf, and ooooh white russians! Just stopping by from the giveaway, and to introduce myself as your newest follower ;]


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