Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dawn Budgie

Did anyone happen to catch Identity Thief recently?

I am curious to know what you all thought of this movie. I was hoping to be laughing through the entire movie and I just didn't. It had slow parts and that disappointed me. Your opinions?

Not only did we have yesterday off from work I will also have this Friday off as well (oh how I adore short work weeks). Eric and I will be traveling to the border of NH & ME to celebrate my brother's birthday. Lobstah! My parents are leaving early Thursday and taking our dog with them while we will hit the open road after work. Not looking forward to such a long drive (about 4 hours) in the dark. Cross your fingers that the weather cooperates for us.

What were your plans for this past weekend? Did you have yesterday off? Wow I am so full of questions today ... it could be all the pent up


  1. I heard a few people say the movie was slow in some parts. Hmm not sure i want to see it now.

  2. Oh, I 'm sad to hear you say you it was slow...the previews make it look hilarious! I'm jealous you get Friday off too!! Enjoy your trip!

  3. I hate that it disappointed you! I absolutely LOVED IT!


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